Schlumberger, Microsoft team up

SCHLUMERGER and Microsoft have formed an alliance to deliver better oil and gas analysis and enterprise desktop software capabilities to the Windows and Microsoft.NET platforms.

The companies said the new initiative reinforces the long-standing working relationship between them, and strengthens the commitment of the two companies to work closely together to help bring greater productivity to the working environments of petroprofessionals around the world.

“With its leadership in supplying E&P software including interpretation, reservoir simulation and high-end visualization, Schlumberger will assist Microsoft in bringing high-performance computing to the E&P desktop in two key areas: seismic to simulation petrotechnical workflows, and integrated asset modeling from the reservoir to production facilities,” they said.

Microsoft said it would be working closely with Schlumberger to optimise and accelerate development of SIS applications on.NET and to help ensure long-term development alignment and early deployment of new Microsoft technology. Microsoft.NET is a set of software technologies that connect information, people, systems and devices via comprehensive support for IT industry-standard Extensible Markup Language (XML).

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