Shareholder Movements

Perpetual Trustees Australia into Novus Petroleum Ltd; Commonwealth Bank of Australia out of Novus Petroleum Ltd; directors Alan Scott and Marcus Titley into Hitec Energy; director Gene Thomas Tilbrook out of Wesfarmers Limited; director Paul Anderson into BHP Billiton Limited; director Kathryn Anne Presser into Beach Petroleum; ING Australia out of Clough Ltd; director Richard Elliott into Amity Oil.

Perpetual Trustees Australia Ltd increased its relevant interest in Novus Petroleum Limited on 21 August 2002 from 9,324,090 ordinary shares (5.08%) to 11,204,062 ordinary shares (6.10%).

Director Alan Scott acquired 299,921 ordinary shares in Hitec Energy Limited on 22 August 2002 for a total consideration of $19,516.26 and Director Marcus Hugh Titley acquired 500,000 ordinary shares on 20 August 2002, in on market trade for a consideration of $34,845.42, bringing his shareholding to 5,750,000 shares.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia decreased its relevant interest in Novus Petroleum Limited on 21 August 2002, from 19,115,164 fully paid ordinary shares (10.41%) to 16,626,270 fully paid ordinary shares (9.06%).

ING Australia Holdings Limited decreased its relevant interest in Clough Limited on 20 August 2002, from 38,497,793 ordinary shares (9.37%) to 33,798,432 ordinary shares (8.18%).

Director Kathryn Anne Presser acquired 61 ordinary fully paid shares in Beach Petroleum NL on 23 August 2002 at 32.8 cents per share via off market trade increasing her holding to 102,115 shares.

Director Richard Elliott acquired 45,907 ordinary fully paid shares on 27 August 2002 in Amity Oil Limited at $0.35 per share via exercise of 45,907 options.

Director Gene Thomas Tilbrook disposed of 2,000 ordinary shares in Wesfarmers Limited on 27 August 2002 at $30.13 per share in on market trade. His current shareholding is 16,691 shares.

Director Paul Anderson acquired 688,590 ordinary fully paid shares in BHP Billiton Limited on 28 August 2002 following the exercise by Mr Anderson of 300,000 performance rights.

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