Personnel Movements

Schubert, McNeilly, Worley Group; Fromson, Craib, Eagle Bay Resources; Druet, Campbell, CHC; Bottomley, Black Rock Oil & Gas; Stevens, Adams Resources & Energy; Wenzel, Madden, Stone Energy; Vogel, Jamin, Amerada Hess; Sujir, Moulton, Arapahoe Energy; Poos, Wilkinson, Kerr-McGee Worldwide; Trice, Foster, Newfield Exploration; Pucher, Stanski, KBR; Brost, Upfield, Watson, Pioneer Natural Resources; Mañalac, Bomasang, Philippines National Oil Co-Exploration Corp; Holsinger, Burgher, Halliburton

Worley Group Ltd has announced the retirement of Chairman John Schubert effective 15 November 2004 following the Group’s AGM.


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