ASEAN takes step to develop gas future

Energy Ministers from the 10 ASEAN member states have endorsed the establishment of an ASEAN Gas Centre to be stationed in Malaysia.

The centre will serve as the strategic technical and information resource and capacity building centre. It will also help in the facilitation and implementation of the Trans-ASEAN Gas Pipeline (TAGP) and gas development programs within ASEAN.

The decision was announced at the close of the 21st AMEM, an annual forum of ASEAN Energy Ministers held to promote cooperation in the energy sectors between the member countries.

The ministers agreed that an enabling framework is needed to stimulate strong private sector participation in the ASEAN member countries to conduct business on the TAGP and ASEAN Power Grid on a commercial basis.

The ministers also welcomed the establishment of the ASEAN Gas Consultative Council (AGCC) which will serve as the advisory body to Ascope in the facilitation and the implementation of the TAGP project.

It was also agreed by the committee that the final report of the ASEAN Interconnection Master Plan Study (AIMS) be the reference document for the implementation of the electricity interconnection projects in the Asean region.


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