Thales survey vessel completes first regional job

The Askelad arrived in the Asia Pacific region complete with a hull mounted swathe bathymetry and 4x4 Pinger array system, single-beam echo sounder and USBL transducer. General manager of PT Thales GeoSolutions, Sobri Syawie stated: "The functionality of the Askelad to conduct either analogue or digital campaigns along with on-board processing underlines Thales' position as the full turnkey solutions provider to the offshore oil and gas industry in the region.

Thales conducted the 188-km As Built Pipeline Survey for Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd along the recently laid 28-inch gas pipeline in between the Kuala Tungkal and the Panaran (offshore section KP25 to KP 213). The 15-day campaign commenced in May 2003 with Thales using the vessels permanently fitted single-beam bathymetry and side-scan sonar equipment for data acquisition. As part of Thales' commitment to providing full turnkey solutions offshore, processing of the data was conducted on board during the campaign, with the final mapping of the pipeline and span conditions being completed onshore in the Jakarta data centre.


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