Grenade attack on Shell�s Manila office

Royal Dutch/Shell’s offices in the Makati district of Manila came under attack when three suspected communist guerrillas opened fire with automatic weapons and fired a rocket propelled grenade through a window on Sunday. According to the Manila police, there were no injuries.

In a statement the police said, “The attackers slowed down in a taxi near the building at dawn in Manila's financial district of Makati then opened fire with a grenade launcher and assault rifle, surprising guards and panicking people in nearby residential towers who heard the crackle of heavy gunfire.”

Despite Communist rebel spokesman Gregorio Rosal denying the rural-based guerrillas were responsible for the attack, Police Chief Supt. Prospero Noble said, “There were three to four attackers who employed similar weapons and tactics as those used in communist rebels assaults on oil companies in protest at rising prices a few years ago.”

According to Metropolitan Manila police chief Ricardo de Leon, “Security, which has already been strengthened in recent months due to terror threats, would be further bolstered with additional mobile checkpoints.”

“Authorities have also tightened security in the headquarters of other oil companies in the capital following the attack,” added De Leon.


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