Pakistan holds fuel oil talks

Pakistan's Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and Oil Companies Advisory Committee (OCAC) have held high-level talks to discuss issues related to the demand, production, supply and the storage of fuel oil in the country. The talks are aimed at smoothing out the channels of communication between the two bodies.
Pakistan holds fuel oil talks Pakistan holds fuel oil talks Pakistan holds fuel oil talks Pakistan holds fuel oil talks Pakistan holds fuel oil talks

Amongst those present at the meeting was the Federal Secretary of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Muhammad Abdullah Yousaf. The secretary confirmed that, "said the objective of such a meeting was to understand each other's view point and [to] create better communication between the two sides for achieving positive results since WAPDA happens to be the major consumer of oil and gas in the country."

He also added that, "efforts were being made to provide maximum oil and gas quota to [WAPDA] to meet its requirements for thermal power generation" and that the discussion between the two parties would help make this happen.

On his part, WAPDA chairman Tariq Hameed apprised the OCAC that efforts were under the way to maximise the use of natural gas in WAPDA's thermal power stations and that the authority was looking into various measures to bring down electricity rates. Hameed warned, though, that WAPDA continue using fuel to power the generators in several thermal plants due to the gas shortage situation in the country.

Aside from Yousaf and Hameed, others present at the meeting included Qaisar Jamal (Managing Director of the National Refinery Ltd), Dr. Shahid Hak (Managing Director of Pak Arab Refinery Co), Bernard Pinnoy (CEO of TOTAL PARCO Pakistan Ltd), Munawar Ahmad (Managing Director of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd) and Abid Saeed Ibrahim (Secretary General of the OCAC).