Oil tankers explode in Indian tunnel, 15 injured

Reports in India’s Assam Tribune newspaper indicate twenty goods train oil tankers have exploded as they were travelling through a tunnel somewhere between the Jatinga and Langrangajao stations in the Lumding-Badarpur hill section of Assam state. Fifteen passengers are believed injured.

At this stage the cause of the explosion is being officially attributed to “brake failure” on the train.

Citing railways sources, the newspaper said, “While the oil tankers entered Langrangajao tunnel after crossing the Jatinga station, a huge exploding sound ripped through the tunnel. Fire caught three oil tankers at first and subsequently engulfed the remaining tankers. Of the tankers, 16 were kerosene, three HSD and another tanker motor-spirit.”

According to the reports, the fire spread quickly and has engulfed the surrounding jungle area. The authorities have reacted quickly with emergency services already battling the blaze and dispensing medical help. Security troops are also keeping a watch over the accident site.

Although the unnamed Deputy Commissioner and SP of NC Hills has put the blame for the incident on a failure with the train’s brakes, other sources claim the explosion was the work of an extremist group. Both civil and railway officials are currently investigating the matter.


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