South-East Asia hub pays early dividend for Duffy & McGovern

DUFFY & McGovern Accommodation Services (DMAS) says its new Singapore hub is already reaping rewards for the firm in South-East Asia.

The offshore accommodation provider’s network centred on Singapore has brought in contracts worth US $550,000 in the area since it opened in December last year.

Last month, the office secured new contracts with Global Industries, Geoservices and Ensco with a combined value of $280,000 for projects in China, Thailand and Brunei respectively.

Global Industries has commissioned an A60, 12-man sleeper unit from the fleet for use on the Hercules barge for six months. The Hercules barge is working for China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) on the installation of a pipeline as part of the South China Sea Panyu/Huizhou gas development project.

Under the contract with Geoservices, Duffy & McGovern will provide a 20x8 engineering unit for use on several projects in Thailand over the next two years. The unit, which has been modified to Geoservices’ exact specification, will be used as a mud logging unit and provides facilities for data acquisition and chemical analysis.

Ensco will shortly take delivery of a 20ftx8ft Zone1 A60 unit for its Ensco 51 cantilever jack up working in Brunei for Shell. The unit will be used to provide a recreational gym facility for an anticipated three-year period.

DMAS has also announced the appointment of a new representative in Brunei, which will complete its chain of South-East Asia offices. Yura Oil will now be responsible for raising awareness of Duffy & McGovern’s offering in Brunei, according to the companyy’s representative in Singapore, John Kwek.

“Activity in the region is buoyant at the moment, fuelling enquiries for offshore accommodation,” Kwek said.

“The local availability and high specification of Duffy & McGovern units mean that customers in the region can now call up accommodation which is guaranteed fit-for-purpose in much shorter timescales.

"And although Duffy & McGovern provides ‘temporary’ accommodation, the quality is such that many of the contracts we have been awarded are for long-term rentals over 12 and 24-month periods.”

DMAS said it currently had a fleet of about 20 modules in the region which included engineering units and sleeper cabins. More modules were being shipped in to meet the demands of specific contracts would increase availability to about 30 units.


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