Clough lightens the executive load

Clough has revealed a number of significant organisational changes to its executive structure just over a week before it intends to declare its full year results.

The changes affect the top echelon with the positions of chief operating officer, held by Robert Jewkes, and executive group manager operations, held by Simon High, being eliminated.

Jewkes will leave the company in the near future while High will take on the position of chief executive officer of the newly-created Energy, Process & Infrastructure division.

"We have instigated the changes to put in place a more streamlined and flatter management and organisational structure. The Board and I need to be closer to the operations of the company and this will go a long way towards achieving this," said recently appointed CEO and MD David Singleton.

Clough's work-in-hand as at mid-August was $720 million with a number of small to medium-sized projects also being secured in the last couple of weeks.

Clough's full year results will be announced to the ASX on September 10.

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