IGA takes new approach to fuel incentive program

Independent Grocers of Australia (IGA) have joined the petrol retail wars with a 4 cent per litre discount offer across its Queensland stores from the start of October.

The move follows the high profile announcements made by Coles Myer and Woolworths in the last few months as both companies either launched or reworked their respective fuel savings offers.

The IGA discount offer will start at 189 Queensland stores and allows motorists to fill up at any petrol station of their choice. If successful the incentive is expected to be rolled out to the remaining 1,000 IGA supermarkets across Australia in the near future.

Although similar to the offers from Coles and Woolworths the IGA promotion has the distinct advantage of allowing the consumer to buy their fuel at any chain of service stations, simply requiring them to display their receipt within 14 days after purchasing petrol and spending just $30 minimum at an IGA store.

The other major change to the system is that IGA will reimburse customers at the retail stores instead of the bowser. In order to claim on the refund customers will need to fill up with fuel at the outlet of their choice; bring the fuel receipt to an IGA store on a Friday; spend $30 on groceries and then collect a reimbursement of 4c per litre.

Customers are therefore able to claim an over all 8 cent reduction by receiving the 4 cent reduction from Coles and Woolworth incentives and then take their fuel receipt to IGA to double the saving.