Shareholder Movements

Robert Bryan, Martin Albrecht into QGC; D.R. Argus into, C.W. Goodyear out of BHP; Origin Energy out of Magellan; Patricia Cross into Wesfarmers; Santos out of OCA; Ronald Prefontaine into Arrow; Eddie Smith out of Kalrez; Ken Tregonning out of Carnarvon.

Robert Bryan acquired a further 2,000,000 ordinary shares in the Queensland Gas Company at 20 cents per share, while Martin Albrecht also purchased another 33,000 ordinary shares for a consideration of $4,950.

D.R. Argus has disposed of his entire interest in BHP, 2,904 ordinary shares, at $11 per share. C.W Goodyear acquired 1,000 American Depositary Shares of BHP Billiton at $US13.40 per share.

Origin Energy has cut its interest in Magellan Petroleum from 8,041,608 shares (18.08%) to 6,782,138 shares (14.53%).

Patricia Cross has indirectly acquired another 1,000 shares in Wesfarmers at $27.52 per share.

Santos has cut its interest in the Oil Company of Australia from 12,587,000 shares (12.38%) to 11,793,140 (10.03%).

Ronald Prefontaine has acquired 20,000 additional shares in Arrow Energy for a consideration of $2,500.

Eddie Smith has disposed of 38,500,000 shares in Kalrez Energy at 0.6 cents per share.

Ken Charles Tregonning has disposed of 200,000 ordinary shares in Carnarvon Petroleum at 4.3 cents per share.