Inquiry launched into Australian uranium resources

AN inquiry into the development of the non-fossil fuel energy industry in Australia is to be conducted by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Industry and Resources (HRSCIR).

The case study will focus on the strategic importance of Australia’s uranium resources, specifically the global demand for uranium, supply issues, the potential implications for greenhouse gas emissions and the current structure and regulatory environment of the uranium mining sector.

The inquiry was referred to the committee by minister for industry, tourism and resources Ian Macfarlane. Other studies into alternate non-fossil fuel energy industries may be conducted at a later date.

“Australia possesses enormous deposits of uranium. Olympic Dam in South Australia alone contains some 34% of the world’s known uranium reserves,” said Geoff Prosser, HRSCIR chair, at the launch of the inquiry.

Written submissions addressing the terms of reference are encouraged from interested bodies, through the HRSCIR website at or by calling (02) 6277 4594.