SA tackles climate change

THE South Australian Labor Government claims it would introduce new laws to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by the year 2050, if it is re-elected at the March 18 state election.

The policy, announced last week by Premier Mike Rann and state environment minister John Hill, includes installing mini wind turbines on government buildings in Adelaide and $250,000 to set up a climate change research centre at the University of Adelaide.

But Hill said the legislation would only work if future governments cooperate and work towards the target.

The move mirrors the Opposition, which has also committed the Liberal Party to the same target.

Rann said the target – to reduce emissions by 60% of 1990 levels – would take SA beyond the Kyoto protocol target. The goal has already been adopted by Britain.

SA was already on target to achieve the Kyoto greenhouse gas emissions target between 2008 and 2012, he said.

Rann said placing solar panels on large public buildings, converting 20% of the state’s car fleet to vapour-injected liquefied petroleum gas and converting 530 public transport buses and 95 rail cars to using a bio-diesel component, were reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

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