New era for spill control

TODAY marks a new era for Australian spill control equipment with the merger of Global Spill Control with Perth Petroleum Services to create Australia's largest manufacturer and supplier of spill equipment.

Haydn Black


The merged entity, trade under the name Global Spill Control, continues a 24-year tradition of designing, manufacturing and supplying environmental products for Australian industry.

The company will be owned by PPS proprietors Matthew Baldock and Brad Lowson, and the owner of GSC, Robert Watson.

The company will retain head offices in both Melbourne and Perth, plus sales and warehouse facilities in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Tuggerah, Brisbane and Townsville.

"Matt and I have been waiting for the opportunity to become more involved in activities on the east coast and see this merger as a great way to achieve that," Lowson said.

"Our team will continue to operate as usual, maintaining existing working relationships and delivering the high quality service our customers have come to expect from us."

"We are very excited about being part of a manufacturing business that offers Australian made products and keeps Aussies in work. It also allows us to make and customise products for our customers more efficiently than our competitors who may import the same items," Baldock added.

Both companies are two well-established Australian businesses that have complemented each another over the past twenty years.

As a manufacturer, GSC has serviced and supplied the east coast market while PPS has managed northern and Western Australia.

The ownership team continue to be actively involved in day-to-day activities, delivering in excess of 45 years of spill control expertise between them.

"Together, we are well-positioned to continue to expand our product range and further develop our service and delivery to customers around Australia and overseas," Watson said.

"We are also making sizeable investments in plant and equipment later this year to modernise and expand our manufacturing capability, further reinforcing our long-standing commitment as an Australian manufacturer."