Big data used to boost APLNG performance

UK-BASED engineering and advisory support firm Xodus Group has delivered a new integrated production modelling simulation suite for Origin Energy to run complex scheduling scenarios for the upstream component of the Australia Pacific LNG project at Gladstone.
Big data used to boost APLNG performance Big data used to boost APLNG performance Big data used to boost APLNG performance Big data used to boost APLNG performance Big data used to boost APLNG performance

Haydn Black


The CSG-LNG project, which is developing some of the largest CSG resources in Australia, will eventually require thousands of wells across the Bowen-Surat basins.

Xodus' Perth office carried out detailed modelling of both the compression facilities and the high pressure pipeline network.

The work provides Origin with the power to run detailed and fully automated operating scenarios through an intuitive user interface to accurately simulate the gas delivery network to maximise operating efficiency and manage delivery risks.

The team used AspenTech's HYSYS steady-state linked with Microsoft Excel software to simulate several aspects of the project demonstrating novel and world leading simulation capabilities.

A further scope of work involved the use of HYSYS dynamics to produce a hi-fidelity mimic of Origin's centrifugal compressor control system to fully verify its design prior to installation.

The value of both contracts was around $300,000.

"Xodus has a long history of building digital oilfield solutions for global clients; however the Australia Pacific LNG project required a forensic, in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the simulation software in order to produce a bespoke solution," Xodus Australia general manager Andy Jones explained.

"We used specialist programming techniques to achieve a complex model unlike anything that has been produced before.

"It allows Origin to run very detailed operating case scenarios to optimise operating conditions, balancing project critical factors such as power usage versus line pack availability."

Xodus provides independent, integrated thinking to solve complex challenges, at every stage of the asset lifecycle from field development planning to supporting asset integrity, operations and maintenance.

The Origin, ConocoPhillips and Sinopec-owned project shipped its first cargo on the Methane Spirit tanker in early January, marking the end of the development of the Curtis Island facility's first train, which gathers gas from over 1000 CSG wells located some 530km inland.

COM462, the 977th well and the final well drilled in the phase one development program, was successfully commissioned at Combabula in November, however in total 1090 wells have been commissioned and are production more than 1000 terajoules per day.

The southwestern Queensland fields contain seven new gas processing facilities.

By the end of the year Train 2 should be complete, and a new tanker should arrive at Gladstone for APLNG every three days.