Volvo shows new alternative fuel truck

VOLVO is demonstrating a new truck design that uses a 9-litre dimethylether (DME) fuelled engine in a standard Volvo FM chassis.

DME is a fuel similar to liquid petroleum gas (LPG) that can be manufactured from biomass and paper pulp residual materials. The truck is being shown at the Synbios conference on biofuels being held in Stockholm, Sweden.

“DME offers major benefits environmentally and we believe that DME can be an excellent fuel for future commercial transports,” said Volvo chief executive officer Leif Johansson.

DME was chosen by Volvo as it is the alternative fuel with the highest energy efficiency as well as being one of the lowest producers of carbon dioxide and particle emissions.

“We know that in 20 years, alternative fuels will successively become increasingly commercially viable,” said Johansson.

“Energy efficiency will become decisive and DME is truly an energy efficient fuel. A result of this energy efficiency is lower environmental impact and reduced operating costs.”

DME is a particularly popular choice with the Swedish-based company thanks to the nation’s ready access to the paper pulp residual products used to produce it.

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