Digesting biopower opportunities

CONSTRUCTION of Tamar Energy's 1.5MW Basingstoke Anaerobic Digestion Facility has finished a month ahead of schedule.

The plant is Tamar Energy's first. It and the site infrastructure were designed and constructed by FLI Energy on a turn-key basis.

The facility will take in about 30,000 tonnes of food waste a year that would otherwise end up in landfill, using it to generate its 1.5MW.

It will also produce a nutrient-rich fertiliser that will be returned to estate lands.

The AD facility is close to the M3 in Hampshire.

Tamar Energy has received £97 ($A174.5) million in initial financial backing from investors to build a network of 40 AD plants around the UK by 2018.

FLI provided Tamar with a full "turn-key" design and construction package that included demolition and enabling works to prepare the site through to the digestion technology, reception building construction, feedstock pre-treatment and the commissioning and operator training.

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