PSI pushes pre drill message offshore

While John Davidson has been finding some fertile ground in the last 12 months in Australia for his seismic data-derived drilling risk concepts, it seems that fruit is starting to bear for the efforts his Predrill Stresses International business is making offshore.
PSI pushes pre drill message offshore PSI pushes pre drill message offshore PSI pushes pre drill message offshore PSI pushes pre drill message offshore PSI pushes pre drill message offshore

Over the last quarter, PSI has presented workshops and seminars to various companies and organisations in Europe and in the US on his theory of mitigating drilling risk through interpretation of seismic data.

The PSI staff are excited by the growth as they see the company as exporting new technology to the rest of the world. The 2nd field course is to be held in the U.K. in October, and three-day courses to be held in Aberdeen and Houston in late September. The company said all courses are well subscribed by international oil and service companies.

PSI also presented its inaugural 5 day field trip course in Bristol where Wol Chaffe, chief petrophysicist, Manager Well Technology R&D from Paradigm Geophysical, was a notable attendee.

In Australia, 3 day courses held in Perth and Brisbane have attracted professionals from all disciplines, from several oil companies.

"It's easy to see by the growing client list on our website, that pt+ is attracting a significant number of smart and aggressive local and international explorers and producers. We have used independent sources like NASA's satellite ranging data to prove our new technology and our clients have realized that expensive problems like fault seal and wellbore instability which cost the industry billions per year, can be a thing of the past", said Davidson.

Davidson will be attending the SPE conference in Denver in October where a joint Schlumberger-Kerr McGee-PSI paper will be presented, and the Good Oil conference in Fremantle next week. Details of the conference are available from