Peak lands Nexen contract

A leading well construction performance management expert, the Peak Group, has won a contract to supply Canada's Nexen Inc with the innovative probabilistic software P1 and C1 packages.
Peak lands Nexen contract Peak lands Nexen contract Peak lands Nexen contract Peak lands Nexen contract Peak lands Nexen contract

This is not the first time the Canadian firm has made use of these software packages, having successfully utilised them drilling in Colombia, Equatorial Guinea and Alberta.

Both P1 and C1 help optimise the well construction process by handling most of the probabilistic cost and time estimating, risk analysis, option selection and planning. It also provides an operator with insight to the entire stages of well delivery and planning process.

Nexen General Manager for International Drilling and Completions, Brad Muir, is very happy with the software in question. According to Muir, "The Peak Group's software should improve our evaluation of opportunities in the international jurisdictions we operate in. The Peak P1 and C1 tools provide a consistent methodology for assessing and understanding well related risks and an effective template for communicating those risks to all levels of management within our Company."

In a press release to the media, Peak stated, "Peak staff have been training Nexen's engineers in the use of the software and will continue to provide engineering support as needed."