New discovery wells drilled at Junggar Basin

The official publication of the China National Petroleum Corp, Zhongguo Shiyou Bao, has announced the Mo No.10 and Dixi No.10 wells in the centre of the Junggar Basin have yielded high yield oil and gas flows.

According to the publication, “The designed depth of the Mo No.10 oil well is 4,560 metres. It began to emit natural gas on March 30 and has been producing 22 cubic metres of oil and 100,000 cubic metres.”

“High-yield oil and gas flows were obtained at the Dixi No.10 oil well on March 31. It is now producing 195,000 cubic metres of gas, and 3.2 cubic metres of oil daily. It is estimated to have a gas reserve of 10 billion cubic metres,” added publication.

It is expected the successful exploration of the two wells will provide the impetus for prospecting prospects in the northwestern and eastern sections of the Basin. The central section of Junggar will remain the hub for oil and gas prospecting.