Five out of five for Tomahawk

TOMAHAWK’S fifth Okfuskee County, Oklahoma well – the Snell Heirs 3-19 – has reached total depth of 3,814 feet and analysis of electric logs has indicated hydrocarbons in multiple formations in both the primary and secondary targets.

“The results from this initial five-well drilling program have been outstanding and beyond Tomahawk’s expectations,” said Tomahawk chairman Tony Brennan.

“All wells were discoveries with hydrocarbons occurring in both the primary and secondary objectives. The results to date have clearly demonstrated the prospectivity of the project area in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma.”

The Snell Heirs 3-19 well has encountered gas shows in eight of the secondary objectives and had significant gas shows in the primary objective, the Mississippian Caney Shale.

The logs have indicated 87 feet of gross hydrocarbons over several intervals in the secondary objectives which include both gas and oil. The primary objective, the Caney Shale, intersected a gross thickness of 111 feet with significant gas shows encountered during drilling.

A testing program is currently being devised which will test several of the hydrocarbon bearing formations.

Once the testing program for Snell Heirs 3-19 has been determined a status report on each of the 5 wells drilled to date will be released.