Corybas cleanup boosts Arc

A RESERVOIR zone not previously tested in the Corybas-1 well in the onshore Perth Basin has recorded significant additional gas flows.

Arc said subsequent to the completion of the well it had perforated the interval 2548 metres to 2567.5 metres in the Lower Irwin River Coal Measures reservoir which had not been previously tested by DST.

“A clean up flow was conducted using a series of choke sizes with initial flow rates in excess of 4 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) on a 32/64 inch (12.7 mm) choke declining to a rate of approximately 2.4 mmcfd and a well head pressure of 379 psig at the end of the flow period. The well has now been shut-in pending commencement of a longer term production test which is now being planned.”

“This is another extremely encouraging result given the fact that DST 2, which tested the interval immediately above this test zone, also flowed gas at rates in excess of 4 mmcfd, and these results have clearly demonstrated the commercial potential of the Elegans reservoir,” said executive director Eric Streitberg.

“The Corybas well has achieved its objectives of confirming a substantial gas column in the Irwin River Coal Measures with well developed reservoir, and providing data for analysis of the next steps in the evaluation of the resource. The principal uncertainty remaining is the lateral continuity of the reservoirs and thus the ultimate recovery per well.”

Arc Energy (operator) and Origin Energy are 50% partners.