QGC cooking with GAS

IN WHAT it describes as a “very encouraging result” for its Growth Acceleration Strategy (GAS), Queensland Gas Company has achieved strong gas flows from the first well completion at its Bellevue coal seam methane pilot project.
QGC cooking with GAS QGC cooking with GAS QGC cooking with GAS QGC cooking with GAS QGC cooking with GAS

Located in Surat Basin permit ATP610P, the Bellevue pilot is structurally updip and 16km north of the Berwyndale South gas field.

Using completion techniques developed at Berwyndale, QGC says the first Walloon production well to be completed at Bellevue experienced a 100psi gas kick after cementing tools were drilled out. Once shut-in, the Bellevue-5 well pressured up with gas over 220psi.

QGC managing director Richard Cottee described this as a “very encouraging” development.

“Whenever this flow has occurred during testing at Berwyndale South (e.g. BS-9, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 26, 29, 34, 38, 40 and 60) the wells, when completed, became among QGC’s highest performers,” Cottee said.

“This was particularly encouraging, given that we were moving updip, and augurs well for the future when this potential new gas field is developed.

“This is exactly the result we were looking for when we launched the Growth Acceleration Strategy in early August.”

Cottee said the company expected to place Bellevue-5, which encountered 30.39m of net coal, on production test next week.

As a result of the strong early production performance, QGC has decided to extend the Northern Corridor main pipeline 7km northward from the Berwyndale pilot.

This will allow early access to ramp-up gas, produced while de-watering the Bellevue and Berwyndale pilots, which would be sold immediately to waiting customers.

“These two areas hold significant potential for reserve additions, and combined with other projects already completed or in test mode, places QGC in a strong position to meet or exceed the goal of 1000 petajoule reserves in 12 months targeted in the growth acceleration strategy,” Cottee said.

“As reported earlier, QGC also remains committed to proving reserves from the deeper Taroom coal, allowing more reserves to be produced from each well, increasing economic yield. The result is that gas reserves are expanded both aerially and vertically.”

QGC is operator and holds a 60.625% stake in ATP 610P, while Origin owns 29.375% and Sentient has 10%