Third duster for HJV

THE Harriet Joint Venture has continued its recent run of bad luck with news that its Priam-1 exploration well in the offshore Carnarvon Basin will be plugged and abandoned after failing to encounter hydrocarbons in the primary objective.
Third duster for HJV Third duster for HJV Third duster for HJV Third duster for HJV Third duster for HJV

This is the third dry deviated well the HJV has drilled this month, following successive failures at Agamemnon-1 and Hector-1.

Junior partner Tap Oil told the Australian Stock Exchange yesterday that the Ensco-67 rig is now moving to drill the HJV’s next well, West Cycad-1, also in the offshore Carnarvon Basin.

While Priam-1 did not intersect any hydrocarbons in the target Double Island Sandstone, the well did encounter oil in the shallower oil reservoir of the Agincourt field.

But Tap said Priam-1 was not required to be a producer, as the majority of oil from this reservoir was expected to be drained from existing wells.

Priam-1 was drilled as a deviated well to a total depth of 1868m, about 1.5km northeast of the surface location.

HJV participants comprise Apache Northwest (operator with a 68.5% stake), Tap (Harriet) (12.2229%) and Kufpec Australia (19.2771%).