Sugarloaf partners spud next well

SUGARLOAF operator Texas Crude Energy has started drilling the second well, Kennedy-1H, at the Texas Gulf Coast project, which is expected to take 45 days to reach a total vertical depth of 17,570 feet (5360m).

Co-venturer Adelphi Energy said the well, which also includes a 1525m horizontal section, is primary targeting a zone in the Austin Chalk Formation believed to correlate with the producing section in the Sugarkane Field discovery well, 8km west.

Kennedy-1H is also about 1.6 km from the Sugarloaf-1 well where fraccing and testing operations began last week.

Interests in Sugarloaf are Texas Crude Energy (operator with a 41.5% stake), Aurora (20%), Adelphi Energy (20%), Eureka Energy (12.5%) and Empyrean Energy (6%).