CCS back on the agenda

CARBON capture and storage is one of the more unloved climate change solutions, seen by many as legitimising fossil fuels at a time when their use should be scaled back or even eradicated, but the thousand-strong crowd at the opening day of the Gas Technology Conference was a sign that all options are seemingly back on the table.

CCS back on the agenda CCS back on the agenda CCS back on the agenda CCS back on the agenda CCS back on the agenda
The conference hosted BHP's vice president of sustainability and climate change, Dr Fiona Wild, as well as vice chair of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Dr Thelma Krug, who spoke on CCS and carbon dioxide removal, which pulls the gas from the atmosphere. 
Total's Jerome Schmitt, who is also on the oil and gas climate initiative, that takes in 13 giant oil companies globally, called the sequestration technology "absolutely critical" to global emissions reduction.  
CCS essentially aims to capture 90% of CO2 - new methods can have efficiencies even higher - and sequester it in underground reservoirs, in theory preventing the damaging greenhouse gas entering th...