Kilauea-1 proves disappointing

The Kilauea-1 well located in the offshore Carnarvon Basin in WA has come up dry for the Apache operated joint venture.

Logging operations will be completed and the well plugged and abandoned within the next 48 hours.

No significant gas peaks were noted in logs of the sandstones encountered in the targeted Lower Jurassic to Triassic, North Rankin Formation and Mungaroo Formation, though both target formations showed evidence of migration of hydrocarbons into the trap by the presence of elevated gas readings.

The JV said the North Rankin Formation was both poorly developed and thinner in Kilauea-1 in sharp contrast to Corvus 1, 12km northeast of Kilauea 1 on the same regional structure in eastern adjacent permit WA-246-P, where 430m of gas bearing sandstones were encountered in the North Rankin Formation.

The JV partners have said that despite the disappointing outcome of Kilauea, the prospect is only one of a number of high impact volume prospects delineated by 3D seismic coverage over the south-eastern portion of this sparsely explored permit area that remains to be evaluated by drilling in the next few years.

Participants in Kilauea 1 include Sun Resources NL 7.50%, Apache Northwest Pty Ltd 40.25% (Operator), Kufpec Australia Pty Ltd 30%, Wandoo Petroleum Pty Ltd 22.25%.