Arrow gas discovery under power station

Arrow Energy's coal bed methane (CBM) appraisal drilling can be considered to be highly successful already with Swanbank-2 encountering gassy coals adjacent to the Swanbank Power Station in ATP 644P (Arrow 100%).

Swanbank-2 penetrated the lower Ipswich Coal Measures and encountered an estimated 28m of net coal with 18m of coal between 430 and 505m exhibiting, on initial desorption rates, high gas contents.

The well is located about 800m from the Swanbank power station complex which includes the 385MW Swanbank E gas fired generator.

The well is now testing a four-way closed structure where Arrow has identified 250 Petajoules of in-place gas potential. Wireline logging and well testing is in progress.

Following the drilling of Swanbank-2, the rig will move to Mount Lindesay-1 to drill a 550m appraisal core hole to test the CBM prospectivity of the Walloon Coals in ATP 644P in the Clarence-Moreton Basin near Brisbane.

A nearby stratigraphic core hole drilled over 20 years ago encountered 28m of Walloon coals that were never tested for gas contents and a Walloon Coal Measures section very similar to the Walloon Coal Measures in the Surat Basin to the west.

Overall Arrow has been pursuing an aggressive drilling campaign with Tipton West Pilot-4, Kogan North-4 and Meenawarra-3 all spudding in the last couple of weeks