Sundance keeps drilling in US

AS DRILLING continues, Sundance Energy is proposing to spud a number of new wells in Oklahoma, Montana and Indiana.
Sundance keeps drilling in US Sundance keeps drilling in US Sundance keeps drilling in US Sundance keeps drilling in US Sundance keeps drilling in US

The South Australian-based company today said in an activities update that its operations at the Ashland Prospect in Hughes County, Oklahoma were progressing.

It said the Helmerich & Payne Rig 181 has successfully installed and cemented the liner at the Cattle 1H-8 horizontal well, which is awaiting fracture stimulation. The company also said operator of Cattle 1H-8 has revised Sundance’s working interest in the well to .06203% due to the failure of a 90-acre lease.

A Nabors rig was placed on location at the Meyers Trust 1-13H well on March 7 to prepare it for fracture stimulation, which has been scheduled for March 22, 23 and 24.

Sundance said the well would be fracture stimulated in seven stages with each stage consisting of 200,000 pounds of sand and 15,000 barrels of frac fluid.

Elsewhere, the horizontal Foster 1-6H well is now producing, flowing back frac fluid with 38,895bbl recovered and 40,381bbl left to recover, it said.

“On March 3, 2007, gas from this well was sent to first sales with a spot flow rate of 2 million cubic feet per day; the well continues to sell gas at a rate of 2.6MMcfd while recovering the balance of the frac fluid,” Sundance said.

The company’s Double 5 Ranch 1-17 gas well was shut-in last November, with 42,345bbl of frac fluid recovered (89.52% of the total load) and on March 9, the installation of the gas sales equipment was completed.

But in the process of trenching the flow line, a valve on the well head was damaged.

Sundance said on March 10, gas from the well was sent to first sales on a limited basis while pressure was released to a frac tank so repairs could be made to the damaged valve.

“The repairs have been successfully completed and the well is scheduled to resume full gas sales on March 16, 2007,” it said.

Meanwhile, the company’s Champion 1-25H well in Goliath Prospect, Williams County, North Dakota, was shut-in on March 13 and is scheduled to have a rig install the downhole pump and rods on March 21.

Sundance said a pumping unit will also be installed, and the well will placed on permanent production. Since January 21, 8297bbl of frac fluid have been recovered with 1222bbl left to recover, while 3142bbl of oil have been recovered during the same period.

The company also said 13 horizontal Woodford shale gas wells are proposed for drilling in the Ashland Prospect and additional ones will be proposed there during calendar year 2007.

It is also proposing to drill three wells in the MB Prospect in Richland County, Montana and four wells in Buffalo Creek Prospect in Jackson County, Indiana, with first wells expected to spud in this year’s second quarter.