Japanese impose tariffs on Oz energy supplies

In a move that will affect $5.2 billion of Australian energy exports, the Japanese cabinet has approved tariff increases on coal and natural gas imports in order to fund research into renewable energy and provide incentives for nuclear power plants.

It is understood a coal tax of ¥700 ($10) will be phased in by 2007 in three stages, starting with a ¥230 per tonne charge on October 1. The tariff will apply to all thermal coal imports, including 46 million tonnes of Australian exports, worth $3.2 billion last year.

As for natural gas, it is understood a petroleum tax on natural gas imports will rise 50% from ¥720 per tonne to ¥1080 per tonne by April 2007.

The Japanese government has also signalled it will stop awarding grants to thermal power plants powered by coal, oil and other fossil fuels.

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