Veritas acquires Hampson-Russell software

Veritas DGC Inc. has acquired the geophysical software and services business of Hampson-Russell Software Services Ltd. With corporate headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Hampson-Russell provides software tools and consulting services for complex seismic data interpretation and reservoir analysis.

"The latest Hampson-Russell products include interpretation tools for multi-component and 4-D seismic data. These new technologies, along with our existing (RC)2 and SURE software suites, represent leading edge techniques that will enable our customers to utilize seismic data to better identify, manage, and exploit increasingly complex reservoirs", said Anthony Tripodo, Executive Vice President of Veritas.

Dan Hampson, President of Hampson-Russell said, "We have developed great products and have established an excellent reputation in the marketplace. Joining the Veritas team allows us to move to the next level and assures our continued ability to add new products and services to the industry".