Oil & Gas Technical & Commercial Fundamentals, Perth, February 27 & 28

PERTH will host an introductory overview to the oil and gas industry on February 27 and 28 that will address technical and key commercial aspects, suitable for all non-technical executives and newcomers to the industry.

Hosted by the Institute for International Research, the 'Oil & Gas Technical & Commercial Fundamentals' course was designed to broadly cover the oil and gas industry across the spectrum – from the discovery, field development and production of oil and gas; to how it gets to the refinery; its processing through to a finished product that is suitable for distribution and sale.

The course will pick out the major issues in the various sectors - either technical or commercial - and demonstrate how and why they impact basic commercial issues in the petroleum business.

IIR said with the oil industry becoming increasingly globalised, companies had to know about commercial conditions across the Asia Pacific region in addition to their local market.

This course aims to help each group to understand the overall commercial drivers of the sector.

For instance, refiners and petroleum marketers needed to be aware what crudes are becoming available for international trade and their physical quality, according to IIR. Meanwhile, oil producers need to know what type and quality of products that refiner will need to manufacture in rapidly changing markets.

In addition, the course will look at the rapid development and implications of Asia’s oil demand.

More specifically, the event will cover:

· Oil and gas exploration and seismic - how, where and why;

· Examining how oil and gas products are developed;

· Overview of the different oil and gas products;

· Oil and gas markets, freight and how products are valued;

· Distillation - the heart of refining;

· Understanding refinery configuration, specifications and blending;

· Examining other energy sources including GTL, LNG and LPG; and

· Future demand - quantity and quality.

IIR said those who would benefit from the course included: new employees, mid-level employees transferring in the industry, executives and mid level employees of companies on the fringe of oil industry, as well as bankers, lawyers and others who work with the industry.

The course will be held at the Pacific International Suites – Perth, 305 Murray Street, Perth, Western Australia.

To register and for more information, call IIR on (02) 9923 5090, email: info@iir.com.au; or online: www.iired.com.au/training/traindetail.html?conf_code=G1840&detail=G1840.html&cat_code=988