US and Mexico agree clean energy is a gas

IN keeping with the United States Government’s policy on achieving greenhouse gas reductions through technology transfers with developing countries, the Bush administration has provided the Mexican Government with $US800,000 towards clean energy projects, particularly focusing on methane capture.
US and Mexico agree clean energy is a gas US and Mexico agree clean energy is a gas US and Mexico agree clean energy is a gas US and Mexico agree clean energy is a gas US and Mexico agree clean energy is a gas

The funds will be made available through the US Agency International Development organisation, with acting administrator Frederick Schieck saying the money will provide continued support for environmental protection and economic growth in Mexico.

The methane focus is backed up by the US Government’s Methane to Markets Partnership program, which plans to make significant inroads to emissions reductions by turning the harmful greenhouse gas into a green energy source.

The Methane to Markets Partnership was launched November 2004 in Washington, with 14 countries, including Australia, among the founding members.

Mexico became a signatory of the partnership on March 24, 2005 and the US funding announcement was made today.

“EPA is looking forward to working closely with our colleagues in Mexico and USAID to reduce methane emissions and bring clean energy to markets," EPA deputy administrator Marcus Peacock said.

“This work will help us realise our joint commitments under Methane to Markets and meet our shared goals of reducing global methane emissions while enhancing economic growth, promoting energy security and improving the environment."

Under the terms of the agreement, EPA, USAID and the Mexican Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources will work with local governments and the private sector to share and expand the use of technologies to recover and use methane gas that is currently released from natural gas and oil systems, landfills, underground coal mines and agricultural operations.

There are now 17 countries participating in the EPA's Methane to Markets Partnership.

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