Fireball fizzles

NEW Zealand junior explorer L&M Petroleum is plugging and abandoning the Fireball Creek-1 well in onshore Southland, New Zealand after logging indicated a likely gas reserve of only about 3.5 billion cubic feet, too small to be developed on its own.
Fireball fizzles Fireball fizzles Fireball fizzles Fireball fizzles Fireball fizzles

Company managing director John Bay told today that L&M and its PEP 38521 partners would consider going back to Fireball Creek if further exploration in other parts of the licence resulted in larger gas finds.

He said a total of 10Bcf or so of recoverable gas might be needed to economically develop gas finds on the isolated West Coast.

The well had reached a depth of 397m and encountered about 8.5m of the primary Omotumotu A sands at a depth of 258m, with an increased background gas reading in the drilling fluid from 0.5% to 5.0%.

L&M said petrophysical analysis of the logs indicated the top of the Omotumotu A sands, which were intersected 20m low to the SFL-1 well drilled by Superior Oil in 1942, were at the gas-water contact.

Based on this analysis, L&M estimated the Omotumotu A sands were likely to contain only 3.5Bcf of dry gas.

Logs indicated the Omotumotu B sands contained only water.

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