Oil's bizarre fundamentals

Every night, before being tucked into bed, a real oilman says a prayer to God. Nothing wrong with that.

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17 JUL 2004
Walking a slippery Highlands trail

Walking a slippery Highlands trail

Slippage has been the name of the game for the Highlands Gas Project since it was first proposed back


15 JUL 2004

Slugcatcher: Modern era puts the muscle on an antiquated Shell

It�s hard to imagine a world without the Royal Dutch/Shell combine that the oil world has learnt to love,


08 JUL 2004

Slugcatcher: Let them eat cake

It will be fireworks over Paris in 14 days as the French celebrate Bastille Day, their national day of

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01 JUL 2004

Slugcatcher – popping African bubbles

Far be it for Slugcatcher to rain on anyone�s parade but there is an interesting situation developing

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24 JUN 2004

Slugcatcher: Spectres in grey cardigans stalk Santos

They almost broke out the bubbly in the downtown Adelaide office of Santos last week when Australia�s


17 JUN 2004

Slugcatcher: Woodside to end management-by-committee, if that's OK with everybody.

Management, the text books say, is all about leadership and making decisions � and hoping that most of

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10 JUN 2004

Show me the Mojo

The high flow rate and density of today's oil and gas industry news stream can make staying abreast of

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08 JUN 2004

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