Shareholder movements

J.P Morgan Chase & Co into Energy Developments, Novus Petroleum; Eddie Smith into Impress, Australian Worldwide Exploration; Jarden Custodians into Lakes Oil; Portfolio Partners out of Australian Worldwide Exploration; Westpac out of PCH; Capital Group into Australian Worldwide Exploration; Perpetual Trustees into Tap Oil; D. Allen, Sir Ronald Brierley, A. Daniels, C. Hewson, M. Johnson, M. Phillips and G. Reaney into AGL; AMP out of Tap Oil.
Shareholder movements Shareholder movements Shareholder movements Shareholder movements Shareholder movements

J.P Morgan Chase & Co. has become a substantial holder in Energy Developments by acquiring 6,948,846 shares (5.30%).

Eddie Smith has indirectly acquired another 1,000,000 shares in Impress Ventures at 3.8-3.9 cents per share.

Jarden Custodians has become a substantial holder in Lakes Oil by acquiring 65,941,178 shares (6.61%).

J.P Morgan Chase & Co has increased its interest in Novus Petroleum from 14,717,748 shares (8%) to 16,570,209 shares (9.01%).

Eddie Smith has increased his interest in Australian Worldwide Exploration acquiring 35,000 shares at $1.13 per share for a total consideration of $39,550, while Portfolio Partners cut its interest from23,612,517 shares (10.73%) to 23,360,853 shares (9.31%).

Westpac has cut its interest in PCH Group from 10,810,000 shares (7.64%) to 8,708,764 shares (6.15%).

As part of an AGL company purchase plan D. Allen acquired 1,961 shares at $10.65 per share, Sir Ronald Brierley acquired 1,784 shares, A. Daniels acquired 546 shares, C. Hewson acquired 1,150 shares, M. Johnson acquired 2,620 shares, M. Phillips acquired 1,350 shares and G. Reaney acquired 867 shares.

The Capital Group of Companies has become a major shareholder in Australian Worldwide Exploration by purchasing 11,666,666 ordinary shares (5.33%).

Perpetual Trustees has increased its share in Tap Oil from 10,225,367 shares (6.60 %) to 13,215,520shares (8.45 %) while AMP cuts its interest from 16,169,042 (11.65%) to 15,067,851 (9.64%).