Shareholder Movements

First Tech Australia into Nautronix Limited; Ray Barnes into Voyager Energy; AGL directors; Peter Allchurch out of Amity Oil; Richard Elliott into Amity Oil; Capital Group out of BHP Billiton; Robert Green out of United Energy.

Interests associated with First Tech Australia Pty Ltd, First Tech Plc, Ian Alexander Suttie and Mark Alexander Pirie Patterson increased their relevant interests in Nautronix Limited on 16 August 2002, from 14,285,519 ordinary shares (21.041%) to 14,967,347 ordinary shares (22.045%).

Director Raymond George Barnes increased his relevant interest in Voyager Energy Limited by on market purchase of 96,935 ordinary shares for a total consideration of $19,182.00.

Due to the acquisition of 320 ordinary shares each by the following directors pursuant the AGL Share Purchase Plan, AGL directors have increased their relevant interests in Australian Gas Light Company by 320 shares each to the following levels: Gregory Martin to 527,526 ordinary shares; David Allen to 37,324 ordinary shares; Graham Reaney to 37,882 ordinary shares; Mervyn Phillips to 64,164 ordinary shares.

Amity Oil director Peter Allchurch sold 1,265,782 options exercisable at 35c raising $139,236.02 and acquired 1,195,206 ordinary shares in Amity Oil Limited via the exercise of 1,195,206 options at $0.35c per share; Richard Elliott acquired 50,000 ordinary shares through the exercise of 500,000 options at $0.35 per share.

The Capital Group Companies, Inc ceased to be a substantial shareholder in BHP Billiton Limited on 20 August 2002.

Director Robert Kent Green sold 100,000 ordinary shares in United Energy Limited on 13 August 2002 in on-market trade, raising $256,830.