Data hunter lures GA expert

A GEOPHYSICIST from Schlumberger and Geoscience Australia is about to lead Perth-based DataReSource into a new phase of exploration and geophysical research capacity growth.
Data hunter lures GA expert Data hunter lures GA expert Data hunter lures GA expert Data hunter lures GA expert Data hunter lures GA expert
Andrew McMahon, who has had stints at the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Paradigm, Schlumberger and GA, will help DataReSource locate difficult to find or lost datasets.
DataReSource specialises in locating exploration datasets that have for all intents and purposes been lost to the industry, either in their entirety or in part through company farm-ins or changes in government that have disrupted the collection of data that otherwise would be in the public domain.
The company aims to fill in the gaps when a company is missing the data needed to complete an exploration campaign, such as reports, navigation, seismic or well logs.
DataReSource has been building up a team with a special set of skills that provide unique insights and experience of past exploration projects, drawing on its network of exploration consultants and by accessing historical acreage ownership information.
The company has successfully located hundreds of datasets for clients globally, and McMahon brings exactly the kind of skills it has been building up to boost its search-and-find capacity.
"Having been involved in exploration projects in the past, I understand how valuable the service that DataReSource offers can be, and I enjoy the challenge of working my way through the matrix of data to find the missing piece a company may need," he said.
For companies missing data who have exhausted the conventional methods of locating it, DataReSource can mount a confidential search on their behalf, generally on a success fee basis so it costs nothing if unsuccessful, regardless of how deep the search goes.
"For companies that are understaffed in the data management of their business, DataReSource can act as a low-cost research arm," the company said.
It also offers a confidential buying and selling service to the oil and gas industry.
DataReSource has a significant collection of potential field surveys from around Australia which has been acquired through a mix of oil and mineral exploration projects, allowing oil and gas companies quick access to data acquired for minerals projects in their area of interest. 
The types of data available include magnetic, gravity, electromagnetic and other forms of potential field and flight line data from across the region.
The company also has a comprehensive elevation data set that covers every onshore survey shot in Australia regardless of vintage or location, which allows users to add elevation data to projects where it does not already exist and compare and update elevation data in existing projects.