Petronas contracts let

Two member companies of Petronas - Asean Bintulu Fertiliser Sdn Bhd (ABF) and Malaysia LNG Sdn Bhd (MLNG) - have awarded contracts worth US$36.6 million to Sumatec Resources Bhd. Both contracts are services to be rendered for ABF and MLNG facilities in Bintulu, Sarawak and will be handled by the company's Sumatec Corp Sdn Bhd subsidiary.

The MLNG contract is worth US$18.4 million and will see Sumatec Corp - together with partner Astel Peineger Sdn Bhd - upgrading and maintaining two of MLNG's modules at its Bintulu plant. This work is expected to increase the lifespan of the plant by another 20 years.

The other contract - worth US$18.2 million and conducted in association with Project & Development India Ltd - involves providing the main construction package for the upgrading and refitting of ABF's existing ammonia, urea and granulation plants. This refit is expected to increase the plants' production capacity of granular urea from 1,800 tonnes a day to 2,250 tonnes per day.

Both projects are due for completion by December of next year. The awarding of the two contracts now raises the value of Sumatec's contracts-in-hand to around US$109 million.

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