ABB looks at LNG

ABB presented its automation solution designed specifically for LNG facilities regassifying imported liquid gas at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas earlier this week.

The Industrial IT Extended Automation System 800xA extends the scope of traditional control systems to include all automation functions in a single environment for faster navigation, integration and decision making, according to ABB.

Introduced in 2004, more than 600 systems have already been sold. It was selected by Control Engineering magazine as one of the top global products for that year.

Concerns about the supply of energy from traditional sources have sparked a major LNG initiative in the US, which ABB was keen to capitalise on.

"Natural gas is a rapidly growing energy source for the North American market. So far, more than 50 of these land-based facilities have been proposed," said J.A. (Buddy) DeVoe, ABB’s vice president of Oil & Gas Process Automation operations in the region.

DeVoe said the System 800xA provides integrated batch and continuous control, temperature monitoring and control with a safety instrumented, integrated electrical and drive platform for LNG facilities.

"ABB is fully committed to this industry and has the unique position of delivering industrial solutions which utilize automation, power and telecommunications technologies," said Sandy Taylor, vice president of ABB’s global oil and gas process automation business.

“ABB is delivering innovative power solutions using HVDC [high voltage direct current] technology, which allows powering of platforms from remote locations, either offshore or onshore, thus reducing environmental impact for operation of offshore facilities."