Karratha mini-LNG ramping up

ENERGY Developments says its Karratha liquefied natural gas plant is producing at 70% of its 200-tonne per day total capacity.
Karratha mini-LNG ramping up Karratha mini-LNG ramping up Karratha mini-LNG ramping up Karratha mini-LNG ramping up Karratha mini-LNG ramping up

Output at the plant, which forms part of the company’s West Kimberley Power project, will be gradually increased and the process optimised, it said.

LNG produced at the plant is being delivered by Energy Developments’ purpose-built road tankers to its fuel storage facility in Broome and the Derby and Halls Creek power stations.

But it has not been all plain sailing, with the company reporting it has experienced problems at the Broome power station, where load transfer started on November 2 and was providing up to 60% of the town’s power.

“Some commissioning issues have been experienced which have resulted in temporary supply interruption to sections of the town,” Energy Developments said.

“The power station is currently supplying base load power to the town to support Horizon Power while the commissioning issues are resolved.”

Load transfer is scheduled to resume early next month.

While delays are expected to increase the WKPP’s costs, Energy Developments said the final budget estimate remained within the $310-320 million range.

This is double the $150-185 million outlined in the original budget last year.

Meanwhile, commissioning of the company’s Derby LNG-powered plant is underway, and commissioning of Halls Creek and Fitzroy crossing power stations will begin in the coming weeks.

Energy Developments and Horizon Power have reviewed the schedule for load transfer and commissioning activities at the power stations in Derby, Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek.