Shareholder moves

Santos, Medco Energi (Australia), PT Medco Internasional, Medco Energi Group, New Links Energy Resources, Encore International, Hilmi Panigoro, PTTEP Offshore Investment, PTT Group, Novus Petroleum; Edward Ellyard, Scott Spencer, Hardman; ING Australia Holdings, Alinta; Warwick Grigor, Michael Evans, Charles Cavness, First Australian Resources; Francis Conroy, Santos; Persal & Co Investments, Carpathian Resources; Mark Pearce, Renewable Energy Corp; AMP, Oil Search.

Midwestern Oil Pte Ltd has acquired 24,286 shares in CityView Corp Ltd for A$1,700.02. Midwestern now holds 16,402,000 shares in CityView and 23.23% of the vote.