Shareholder movements, week ending December 1

HODGE, Forcke into Adelphi; Alinta/APT; UBS out of Alinta Infrastructure; Georgy, Anzon; McLaughlin into Antares; Suncorp Metway into AWE; Frost, Beach; Jacobson, Leonhardt into Carnarvon; Oates into Eneabba; Sandover into Entek; Healy, Great Artestian; Deutsche Bank into Hardman; Archer out of Hillgrove; Burston into Imdex; Resources Trust out of NZOG; Albers out of Methanol; Herlihy, Rigg into Mosaic; UBS, Gould into Orchard; Schoer, Sydney Gas.

ADELPHI ENERGY: Christopher Hodge and Alex Forcke were each issued 750,000 incentive options exercisable at $0.95 as approved by shareholders at the AGM on November 28.