NZ preparing for future supply disruptions

NEW Zealand Energy Minister David Parker has released the updated Oil Emergency Response Strategy (OERS), allocating roles and responsibilities for action in an emergency petroleum supply disruption.

The OERS also outlines the measures available to government to respond to such a situation.

"The overall objectives of the OERS are to ensure that the effects of a petroleum supply disruption on New Zealand are minimised and that New Zealand is able effectively to meet its obligations as a member of the International Energy Agency," Parker said this morning.

"Producing an updated OERS is one of the actions outlined in the New Zealand Energy Strategy (NZES) to address short-term oil security issues."

He added that mid to long-term energy and transport goals were covered in the NZES, New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy, and the forthcoming update of the New Zealand Transport Strategy.

"Over time these initiatives will help reduce reliance on oil, thereby increasing New Zealand's resilience to disruptions in the oil market," Parker said.

The emergency measures contained in the OERS will only be considered in a severe oil supply disruption situation, and only when industry response is considered insufficient.

The measures will be developed in more detail as part of an ongoing work program expected to be completed in 2009.

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