Guidelines ease farmers' pipeline fears

The Australian Pipeline Industry Association (APIA) and the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) have joined forces to launch new easement guidelines for future infrastructure development across Victoria.
Guidelines ease farmers' pipeline fears Guidelines ease farmers' pipeline fears Guidelines ease farmers' pipeline fears Guidelines ease farmers' pipeline fears Guidelines ease farmers' pipeline fears

It is the first time the pipeline industry has teamed up with landowners in Australia to educate various participants on the most appropriate processes towards achieving successful future energy developments.

“These guidelines have been developed to promote best practice and a positive relationship between landowners and pipeline companies,” said APIA chief executive, Dr Allen Beasley.

Speaking in Victoria today at the launch of the APIA/VFF Pipeline Easement Guidelines at the BassGas processing plant near Lang Lang, he said the guidelines provided essential information on the pipeline development process, while at the same time respecting the rights of landowners.

“The successful development of Australia’s pipeline infrastructure requires the co-operation of both pipeline owners/developers and affected landowners,” he said.

“This guideline initiative paves the way for both parties to be better informed when participating in pipeline development and land acquisition processes.”

VFF President, Paul Weller, said the guidelines would assist a better understanding of the needs of members of both parties and would foster a positive relationship.

“Landowners are often the forgotten part of gas infrastructure development in Victoria,” Weller said.

“These guidelines reinforce the importance of developing and maintaining a positive relationship between the pipeline company and the landowner.”

Weller said a successful relationship between the farmer and the pipeline company required the provision of accurate information and fair and reasonable compensation, minimising disturbance during construction and ensuring quick and satisfactory rehabilitation of the land.

“It is vital that farmers are aware of their rights and these guidelines will help them deal with the various issues that may arise during the easement negotiation process,” he said.

There are more than 4000 kilometres of high pressure oil and gas pipelines conveying gas throughout Victoria, servicing around 1.5 million customers.


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