Gas detectors protect assets

A NEW gas sensor range launched by British-based Zellweger Analytics is said to be one of the industry’s most comprehensive detection methods in commercial and industrial applications.

Zellweger said Zareba, a fixed-point gas monitoring system, was able to detect oxygen and flammable and toxic gases in confined or expansive areas through Surecell electrochemical sensor technology.

Industrial applications included wastewater treatment facilities and power plants, while car parks, municipal buildings and retail buildings were suitable commercial locations.

The weatherproof industrial variant worked efficiently as a standalone system or meshed with a distributed control system, powered through AC or DC supply, Zellweger said. It fixed directly to a wall, with an “intuitive” menu system and push-button operation.

“For commercial environments, Zareba offers a fully programmable, addressable gas detection system that can be easily customised to specific site needs,” it said.

Up to 250 detectors spread over a 2km area could be installed without an additional power source. Zareba also worked seamlessly with HVAV control systems.

“All necessary accessories are included such as vandal proof guard, junction boxes and mounting base,” Zellweger said.


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