Slugcatcher's shaky maths exposed

"IN his latest column, Slugcatcher refers to a daily oil consumption of 80 million barrels or slightly more, how does this equate to 80 billion a year?" writes Chris Gilbert of Origin Energy.

Chris, Slugcatcher maintains he is a philosopher, not a mathematician. But you have caught him and in a major and embarassing mathematical blunder. The annual figure should be 30 billion barrels (or 29.2 billion to be more precise).

Unfortunately this also undermines the premise of Slugcatcher's next column. This hard-hitting piece was going to show that not only have we passed the point of peak oil, but oil would actually run out altogether within 10 years.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Chris' commemorative squashed slug is in the mail.

Thanks to the wonders of web publishing, The Slug's error has been corrected and is no longer to be found in his opinion piece. While Slugcatcher's mathematics leave much to be desired, he stands by the rest of his comments (for now).


The PNN editorial team


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