Emerald's first Appalachian well shines

EMERALD Oil and Gas' first well in its Appalachian project in Kentucky has flowed 2 million cubic feet of gas per day during an open flow test and has been hooked up to the production facilities.

The JD Vanderpool-5 well intersected 26 feet of gas pay in the Big Six Sandstone formation and Emerald estimates the well will flow at a stabilised production flow rate of about 350,000-400,000 cubic feet per day.

JD Vanderpool-5 was drilled in 2001 but not tied in to production facilities due to small amounts of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) in the gas.

Emerald has an 80% interest in the well from the operator P&J Resources under a drilling and operating agreement signed in late April.

P&J are currently completing installation of the Amine plant to remove the H2S, which will allow the well to be hooked into the pipeline grid for production and sales.

Emerald expects the first well in the West Virginia portion of the project to be drilled in the next seven days.


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