Oil shows at Wardie-1: 3D

3D OIL'S Wardie-1 exploration well in VIC/P57, offshore Gippsland, has encountered hydrocarbon shows over the top 25m of the Latrobe Group target.

The company said the top of the "Coarse Clastics" in the Latrobe Group was intersected at 1570m with hydrocarbon shows, but has limited reservoir quality.

The interval is interpreted to be stratigraphically higher than the N1 oil reservoir in the West Seahorse-1 and 3 wells, 3D said.

West Seahorse-3 was suspended as a future producer earlier this month, after intersecting oil in only one of three prognosed targets.

Over the course of the next few days, 3D aims to run wireline logs and conduct a sampling program to determine the presence and extent of any moveable hydrocarbons.

The interpretation of this data will help define the forward program for the well, the company said.

3D Oil owns 100% of the VIC/P57 permit.


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